Testimonials Our Students

  • Mike Reinmuth

    I had tried previously (unsuccessfully) in learning the Thai language, so I was delighted when I discovered Amy I am in my second term of lessons and I have found her teaching methods to be very enjoyable and one feels very relaxed which I believe has made learning a very difficult language much easier

  • Warren McMillan

    What I really love about Amy's lessons though is that she doesn't rely on that technique alone to launch your inner Thai language speaking person. She supports this "communicative" style of teaching with solid information on which you can progressively build your knowledge and competency, lesson by lesson.

  • Mark Guzzi

    What makes Nui/Amy a very good teacher of Thai, is her ability to explain nuance and to contextualise the use of words. She teaches the Thai language that Thai people speak, not the overly formal language most books and CDs use and which leaves ordinary Thais looking perplexed. Her lessons are fun too."

  • Adriano Spadaro

    I wanted to speak some Thai to my Thai partner’s family, and Amy really made my wish come true. I am now starting to make basic conversation and building more words. I am quite confident to speak the basic Thai conversation, and listening to Thais conversation by trying to understand from some words I have learned. I am enjoying learning Thai with Amy very much.

  • Annette Wolfgram

    Amy’s way of teaching is perfect. She knows how to really engage with her students and I love learning about the culture as well as the language. If you really want to learn how to speak like a Thai and not just how to say Thai words, contact Amy.

  • Diana Pinckney

    Amy is a brilliant teacher and I have learned so much from her. She is the utmost professional in her preparation, presentation, and fun approach. I can thoroughly recommend Amy as I doubt you will find a better teacher of Thai anywhere in Australia. (I am a registered native Australian teacher in Queensland so I know what I am talking about!!!)

  • Maddy & David Baddiley

    We really enjoyed our weekly lessons with Amy. Her understanding of English and her teaching methods were great – we also had many laughs along the way. After several weeks we feel confident enough to ask basic questions, order a meal and have a basic conversation. A great foundation to work from! Thank you Amy

  • Larry & Lee-Ann Hargreave

    We have taken Amy’s Thai class and have found it very easy and interesting. Amy’s method has allowed us in 4 lessons to make sentences, understand words and phrases. Now we are able to ask general questions. We would recommend it to anyone wanting to travel to Thailand.

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